Learning about Humanitarian Action and Actors

The course aims at familiarizing the students with the environment in which international humanitarian action takes place, as well as with the range of humanitarian institutions and their relations with various categories of stakeholders. 



To provide an overview of the basic concepts of humanitarian action and its relations with international development cooperation, a germane policy instrument;

To present and discuss developments and trends in the world society, notably armed violence, and their humanitarian consequences;

To analyze the international response to humanitarian crises and the architecture of humanitarian action (overview and typology of actors)

To familiarize the participants with some of the main issues and challenges that presently confront humanitarian action and humanitarian actors.



Humanitarian action

The world under stress

Global governance and humanitarian actors

The UN response to crises:

Relations of humanitarian actors with political and military actors

From emergency to development: Humanitarian action and international development cooperation

Humanitarian funding

Relations of actors among themselves and relations with national/local institutions and the beneficiaries