Master of Advanced Studies
in Humanitarian Logistics and Management


Autumn News Roundup

November 12, 2014

Mashlm04 alumni Farai Tumbare has been working with WHO as a logistics officer in Sierra Leone, dealing with the Ebola crisis.

Farai credits his experience with MASHLM in helping him obtain this position. And he explains why he wanted to contribute to the effort of controlling the Ebola outbreak:

"If your neighbors house burns down and you watch him put it out and a freak wind blows the fire onto your roof thats when you realize you should have gone out and helped put out the fire."

Dickson Musyimi, another MASHLM 04 graduate, has moved to Save the Children, as a Regional Roving Logistics Manager.


MASHLM team member Gloria Urrea Castaño has returned to Lugano from a 7 week internship at UNICEF.  In a remarkably short time, Gloria developed a graphical toolkit for planning campaigns from the country perspective.

Paulo Gonçalves took part in Philanthropy day 2014, sponsored by UBS and the Swedish Swiss Chamber of Commerce. Paulo was a member of the panel on Impact Investing: Achieving financial returns while stimulating growth and development at the same time – Microfinance, SME development & Social Entrepreneurships.

Two days later, several members of the Swedish Swiss Chamber of Commerce visited MASHLM 05 in time to watch the final presentations for the Developing Social Innovations class, later noting that:

"What they came up with was inspiring indeed (I liked the water tower the most). Good tangible ideas on how to improve people's livelihood on the ground on a low budget."