Master of Advanced Studies
in Humanitarian Logistics and Management


With MSF in the DRC

February 5, 2015

When Carolyn Lettner joined MASHLM in 2013 she had a clear objective:

          I've been at HQ and I really want to go into the field.

Within weeks of graduating this fall, Carolyn realized her goal. Taking a seven month sabbatical from her job as a procurement officer for the IAEA in Vienna, Carolyn has joined MSF as a supply logistician based in Shamwana, Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Carolyn describes herself now as a "Jane of all trades" responsible for ordering goods, managing warehouse inventory, coordinating stock, whatever is needed  "to ensure that the doctors can do their job."

And Carolyn credits her MASHLM experience and her fellow students with helping her transition to this new role in the field:

I owe so much of my confidence to be here to the class and the optimism they imbued on me.

Whether she stays in the field, or returns to an HQ role, Carolyn knows that the real logistics challenges she is now facing will be invaluable for her future work.