Understanding Information Management

Information Management is critical to support an evidence-based decision-making process that has the affected population at the forefront.  This fundamental session will explore the main aspects for effective management of information in a humanitarian crisis.



To explain IM principles applied to the humanitarian environment and coordination structures; 

To explain principles and tools related to the development of an Information Management Strategy;

To demonstrate practical skills to leverage geographic information with user-friendly, free tools available online;

To demonstrate abilities to estimate populations through various techniques and to develop a Population Management Strategy;

To explain concepts of analysis in humanitarian situations and basic principles of visualization of information.



Information and Coordination;

Information Management Strategy Development;

Geographic Information;

Population Estimation;

Analysis and Visualization.



This pertains to Crisis Information Management and Needs Assessment. It is a scenario based practical exercise that will simulate a crisis and will require students to apply concepts and skills learned previously in the course.