Master of Advanced Studies
in Humanitarian Logistics and Management


Humanitarian Summer School 2014

April 2, 2014

The Humanitarian Summer School will offer two sessions for 2014:

Games For Humanitarian And Development Work

25-27 June, 2014

This workshop, will provide the fundamentals of how practitioners can harness the power of serious gameplay to support humanitarian and development initiatives. Games can capture the essentials of reality: through simple rules, games create emergent complexity through which we can meaningfully engage in learning and dialogue about options and outcomes - in a way that is both serious and fun. Led by Pablo Suarez and Eric Gordon,

Humanitarian Problem Solving Lab

3-5, July 2014

This course has been set up to explore problem solving techniques through idea generation and processing with an emphasis on humanitarian logistics issues. You will learn how to set up an innovation tournament, filter out weak concepts and develop best of breed solutions by combining ideas.  Nitin R. Joglekar and Paulo Goncalves