Master of Advanced Studies
in Humanitarian Logistics and Management


MASHLM 05 - Transformed!

November 23, 2014

No one said it would be easy.

"I was excited to start this master's but at the same time also I was quite worried in the sense that I did not know how much energy and what it would take to go through it."   Mauro Iacona - Logistics Coordinator, International Committee of the Red Cross

"I was new to the learning environment, I was new, that was the first time I was taking classes in English."
Simplice T. Kamdem - Senior Supply Chain Advisor, Health Office, PEPFAR

"The 1st quarter of learning was a shock, it was a shock because we are exposed to new knowledge, new learning and we had professors who challenged our mind and thinking."
Ronald Chandra - Regional Supply Chain Management Director East Asia, World Vision International

"It was a really humbling experience, being able to sit and listen to other people's solutions and how other people problem solved."
Carolyn Lettner - Procurement Officer

"My biggest challenge was just to juggle with work, school, and family."
Mildred Magigwana - Sustainability Manager, Joint Aid Management

Apiku Ark faced a different challenge.

"Sometimes people are fighting in my country but I still managed to maneuver my way to get to Switzerland, to see that I am sitting in this class and getting what I'm here for." 
Apiku Ark - Logistics Officer, World Food Program

Was it worth it? Simplice thinks it was.

"I'm changed, I'm transformed And people around me say that they can see it."

He is not the only one of the MASHLM 05 graduates who feels this way.

"This master gave me confidence, gave me the ability that I can do whatever I want. I feel that my life has another value."
Rashid Mudall - WASH Officer, Unicef

Apiku says that he can now make better informed decisions. Ronald sees himself as an agent for positive change.

"We are speaking up with credibility and we have the knowledge to speak."

Simplice is using the lessons learned in class, back at work in Cote d'Ivoire.

"One of the most interesting tools that I was able to implement in my workplace was an optimization model where I was able to convince my colleagues to use it as a tool to improve resource allocation. And I think this was something that was well received." 

Mildred has become the "go to" person at her job.

"I've had people consulting me from different organizations, even people that I don't know, somebody just drops in and says, 'Mildred I hear you are doing this and that, how do you see this? Can you help us strategize this program, can you help us with this.' Sometimes I just do it out of fun."  

And Caroline now has a better feel for what is needed out in the field.

"I would say I have a good understanding of the sector, I would say I've somehow learned what the sector needs, I've learned what the gaps are in the sector and this is exactly where I wanted to be."

What advise do you have for the next cohort of MASHLM students?

Simplice:  "Perseverance is going to be key."
Apiku:  "It's very important to start preparing early."
Mildred:  "Work very hard."  
Mauro:  "The more effort you put, the more you want to learn, the more you get out of gives the basis and it's up to us to develop on that." 
Ronald:  "Have that clarity that you are coming here  to make some difference, to do something more different, to do something more meaningful." 
Carolyn:  "Just to embrace it, to enjoy it, and to understand that there is a light at the end of the tunnel."
Rashid:  "Don't worry, you are in safe hands in this MASHLM program."

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