Master of Advanced Studies
in Humanitarian Logistics and Management



March 20, 2017

MASHLM is pleased to announce an improved program design offering more relevant and diverse courses and a streamlined format which will benefit both students and their organizations.

Beginning with MASHLM 09, participants will attend 6 sessions in Lugano, Switzerland. The first 5 sessions last 7 days each. The last session is 12 days and includes thesis defense and graduation. The entire program will take only 12 months to complete.

Program director Paulo Gonçalves is excited about the changes:

"We believe this format is much more aligned with the needs of humanitarian practitioners, requiring less time off work to attend classes and complete the master's program. In addition, the scope is more comprehensive and the content more relevant."

The new curriculum will include classes on procurement, needs assessment, security, monitoring and evaluation, fundraising, and humanitarian legal issues. There will also be an evening seminar series. Prof. Gonçalves explains:

"The seminar series provides a new opportunity to discuss current topics in humanitarian action and will be planned in collaboration with the students to reflect their particular interests."

The program will conclude with a hands on crisis simulation led by Roy Williams. Students will apply the concepts learned in class to deal with a series of fictional events ranging from disaster preparedness to disaster and conflict response.

MASHLM 09 kicks off in Lugano on August 27, 2017.